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I have restructured and rebuilt the infobits site. You can view the changes on infobits.eu. I will likely redirect .org to .eu.

Venn diagram using CSS

I am trying to use DITA and a Venn diagram using CSS and am ready to give up:


While the instructions seem quite clear, I am having a damn time trying to get DITA source to generate HTML with id attributes. Why this is not somehow automatic is beyond me.

pigeon death ride to Stinson Beach, California

As we started our ride today, I spotted pigeons and as any child would do, I rode through them so they would disperse. As I did so, one got quite flustered and flew to the back and then to the front of Ben's bike. It struck the bicycle, feathers went flying, and Ben could do nothing but run over it twice from front to back tires. Oops.

We rode approximately 58 miles with an elevation gain of 4.9K feet. Eek!



a taste of German

It seems that everytime I travel, I end up meeting Germans and feel limited by not being able to understand the side conversations that go on. I do not mind people speaking in other languages, in fact I prefer it from time to time because it means that others' brains get a chance to relax a bit. Also, it's not important to remain in a language simply because one person in the group does not understand the alternative. Do I really need to understand via spoken language that someone has a preference for one cigarette brand over another, or that they need to go to the bathroom?

i am hungry for more of China

China is a fantastic country, and I am sure I have only seen and experienced the tip of the iceberg. I stayed in large cities this time. For my next trip, I will venture deep into the country for a joy ride across nature and into local culture. I will want to pick a partner who also speaks some Mandarin so that the language strain equalizes across two people rather than one. If I am the only one who speaks Mandarin, that could lead to a dependence that might bring me or that other person down.



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