Anie and Beschie learn German

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Anie and Beschie learn German

Anmelebestätigung und Bescheinigung

This morning, I wake up realizing that I just had a dream in German about how I might go about obtaining a copy of my Lohnsteuerbescheinigung. That makes Lohnsteuerbescheinigung the first word that I can remember dreaming of in German.

My outside adventure starts at 10.30. Thankfully, I have a Bescheinigung to register for an authorized German language course. Thankfully too, I have my Anmeldebestätigung with me. A handy tip1 is to keep your Anmeldebestätigung inside your passport, because you cannot use it without official identificatons anyway. I amuse myself with the thought of naming the next pair of pets Anie and Beschie.

I go to the designated language assessment center. I get there, and the friendly man who is working solo juggles face-to-face and telephone conversations in zig-zag fashion. When he turns his attention to me, he seems to know what I am there for. We go over my Bescheinigung and he prints out a piece of paper with the location of the language assessment center. I thought this was that. I press him to ask (via phone) if I can get assessed the same day. Success. The new test location is a four-minute walk from home. Yeah.

There is time between now and then, so I head home for lunch, dig for other paperwork, …, and head to the assessment center at 14.00. The person working my Bescheinigung needs another 30 minutes. I head out for a brief walk to the local art store and ask for Genie (yes, like the one that comes out of a bottle). Try next week. Ok.

I head back to the Bescheinigung handler(in), and we have a nice chat about my language needs. She assesses me aurally, and we have an enjoyable exchange. The next available B2 course starts in approximately six weeks, and the course is four months long. Uhh… But I am motivated now. We discuss possible workarounds. I get on a waiting list for the course that starts next week. After a bit, I not so sheepishly enquire if I can be first on the waiting list instead of fifth because I am likely the funniest and most motivated student. She tells me that she will think of me, and that I should keep my telephone on next Thursday and Friday.

Of course she cannot say yes, but we’ll see what happens.

  1. Thanks Nicolai, for this tip! ↩︎

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