Another coffee

By Ursula Kallio / 2019-06-05 / In categories Posts


Will it be 15K steps today?

But first, another coffee

Yesterday I walked 17K steps as an easy enough thing to do to take responsibility for my health and lifestyle. This morning, I have nobody to meet or see and can enjoy another cup of coffee before wandering around Vilnius. The temperature will reach 30+ so I am okay with consolidating my time outside into continuous movement before heading somewhere cool thereafter.

That, and I do this internal dance in my mind before heading out that prepares me for the outside world. It could be an extra seven minutes fidgetting around looking after something I potentially forgot, or doing a small task. It’s time to figure out if this is my behavior or learned behavior, or both.

Inner work is worth an extra cup of coffee.

To help with getting out of the house and starting to move effortlessly, one change that I can make is to … go top to bottom in layers: bra, underwear, shirt, pants / skirt / both, socks (or not), shoes, jacket / shawl / raincoat (or not), rainpants (or not). Poof, done. I think I will give that a try.

Managing anxiety sorta goes like that sometimes; basic needs require a trusted sequence or rhythm.

I am relatively relaxed, and yet I fall back to the sense of safety in my cacoon of a hotel room. I am not being “lazy” by not going outside yet, it’s just that my mind is dancing and I need to get it to walk.

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