Day two of Write the Docs in Vilnius 2019

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On day two and after the first batch of Write the Docs Vilnius 2019 speakers, some of us gave lightning talks.

Lightning talks — Ursula encourages us to participate, because in five minutes, you can make as many mistakes as possible, but still have people’s attention. 😂: #WriteTheDocs Wilno 2019 #techwriterpl

— (@techwriterpl) June 3, 2019

The first lightning talk was given by a first timer and she did a wonderful job. I relayed a story in persistance when it comes to getting information that is otherwise blocking you from getting something accomplished or meeting a technical deadline.

Lightning talks are fun, and for the first time I made the connection between all my years performing music on stage and feeling at home up there. When I get on stage, I know there is a job to be done, and my mindset shifts seemlessly into place from all the years looking out at thousands of people.

It was an enlightening realization that I had not previously connected with public speaking.

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