Mouth sausages

By Ursula Kallio / 2018-01-29 / In categories Posts


The sound of mouth sausages

Hmm, “Bier?”

Uff, I accidentally said ja absagen (yes to cancel) the new DSL order. Well, there goes a nervous spike of adrenaline. The voice recognizer does not know patience, so I took a chance thinkin’ absagen might be “to discuss” because it has sagen (to say) in it. I guess it’s time to learn what the German prefix ab- means. Right now, it means can-cel. “Omg, omg, omg.” … “Englisch!” The recognizer does not know that either.

Fortunately, I am still on hold. After a short while, a human from Montabaur starts to speak. It sounds like his mouth remembers digesting a plate of sausages and mashed peas, as well as the washing of it down with Bier. Damn hard to understand this one. He is calmer than I am, and he reassures me that all ist in Ordnung.

The next step is to wait.


Ursula Kallio


Ursula Kallio

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