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Why Sopron?

I have yet to see Sopron

A fellow non-native Finnish speaking friend lives in Vienna, and we loosely agreed to meet up somewhere somewhen1 and speak mildly broken Finnish (mbF). We sometimes fish out words from German or English when need be, but we usually manage to speak Finnish 98% of the time.

We are positively constrained by hänen2 work schedule, so that made planning more focused. Also, because I have already been to Novi Sad twice, I skipped it this time. Hence, Sopron.

Since arriving in Budapest on the 7th of December, I have decided to stay here until the 20th. This city is precious, and I have managed to dodge much of the noise polution from roller-bags-with-loud-wheels-for-convenience-dragging tourists. Here is hoping that Sopron is not as interesting to such tourists, although I might be mistaken. We shall see.

  1. Why isn’t somewhen a word? ↩︎

  2. Hänen is the genitive singular of hän, which is the (genderless) 3rd person singular pronoun in Finnish. ↩︎

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