An onion, a banana, and a chili pepper

By Ursula Kallio / 2019-05-17 / In categories Posts

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A rejected talk proposal is also documentation

I’ve got an onion, a banana, and a chili pepper. What am I?

In tech, often we have to make sense of seemingly unrelated bits and pieces to solve a problem. Documentation is the starchy binder. Of a set of three ingredients, dozens of meals can be created. It’s easy for your head to start spinning. What meal am I making again?

To avoid spinning, there are some strategies that are so easy that they’re often overlooked:

These same strategies can also be used to handle a site outage when you’ve been paged awake and your head is hardly spinning at all.

In this talk, we’ll see technology not as a big blob but as a set of ingredients that we have in our hands that we can start to make sense of. We’ll cover strategies for steadying our speedy debugger of a brain, and learn to document a map of where we are and where we are going.

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