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The power of don’t

Don’t don’t

Recently, there have been two instances of don’t that have influenced my behavior to match that of the messages.

I bought Elke Heidenreich and Michael Sowa’s book Erika oder der verborgene Sinn des Lebens. I got excited about it and read several pages. “I can understand enough of the story! And, it’s in German! :),” I internalized. The excitement spread across my face in an imaginary smile as I walked home from class. As I shared with the teacher that I had picked up a copy to use for our assignment, it took only a few moments before [In German] “Don’t read too far ahead of everyone else.” surfaced. Since hearing that message, I have been behind in my reading, the book has become a measured task instead of a gleefully absorbing walk companion on my way home each day, and I have ceased to look up its vocabulary words.

The second instance of don’t has come from a couple of people telling me to not lose weight too quickly. Since then, I have been having a hard time losing weight. In general when a person shifts the sum of consumables (AKA diet) for the better, weight commonly comes off rapidly for the first couple weeks. It then stabilizes and continues on its journey towards health with the help of one’s patience and persistance. I need to reset the trend from this moment forward. In fact, I think that I will weigh myself this evening, and repeat the process from the start. I own this process and I need to take that ownership back.

Why is it that I have responded to each don’t as though it were a well-placed and well-time ad. Time to buy some do.

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