telc Deutsch C1 the good, the bad, and the ugly

By Ursula Kallio / 2019-01-23 / In categories Posts

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Pick up where you left off

I picked up my exam results, and my writing unexpectedly went up four points, the dreaded Sprachbausteine expectedly went (up,) down(, or sideways) five points, and my reading comprehension was far too low this time around. With a supposed 8,000+ word vocabulary at this level, sometimes the reading comprehension is a bit hit and miss.

Technically, I passed the listening, writing, and speaking parts of the telc Deutsch C1 exam, and did not pass the reading comprehension and Sprachbausteine sections.

Thus, today I subscribed to Der Spiegel and will simply read more regularly. As far as the Sprachbausteine section is concerned, I will ignore it because its utility has yet to be seen. To that end, I am tempted to create an open-source project that comprises 100s of sentences with Sprachbausteine sprinkled across them just so people can deal with this idiodic section of the exam. I bet this would be wildly popular across the German learning community. Ok, let’s get back on task; sulking time has ended.

As much as I personally did not take my own advice, I cannot stress enough the importance of reading in a foreign language from as early on as possible. With that, time to move on and time to keep at it like a slow growing bonsai tree.

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