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By Ursula Kallio / 2018-11-28 / In categories Posts

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Today I received my results for my telc C1 German exam. As expected, I passed the spoken part, and by a mere four points failed the written part.

Exam results

telc C1 Deutsch Ergebnisbogen

Exam points lost

There is a possiblility that I could have passed this exam had the administrator given us accurate instructions for one of the areas of the exam. He told us we could use 10 minutes to summarize our keyword answers, but when we heard the pre-recorded instructions, we only had five. I scrambled madly when I heard this, and in doing so I rewrote my answers on the wrong lines and had to erase them and rewrite them a third time. Each of these answers were worth two or so points. I lost time and had to leave a couple of them blank or be disqualified.

Strategy for next time

When asked to write short, keyword-type answers, write directly on the answer sheet and erase from there instead of writing something down more than once.

Alternatively and to show your intentions, cross out any content that you do not intend to provide to the proofer.

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