Day one of Write the Docs in Vilnius 2019

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Mentoring technical writers

Today I spent time mentoring technical writers newer to the industry. It was an opportunity to assess rationale for my recommendations based on others’ needs and knowledge. I arrived for day one without any particular writing goal, mainly because I write on a regular basis and know that if there is anyting pressing, it will get done at the right time.

Today has been mellow with calm, friendly exchanges between new faces. I met Asia (Asya) from the Ukraine, who has a background in applied linguistics. She and I informally translated three pieces from Lithuanian to English over lunch. Neither of us know any Lithuanian.

Much of the content was influenced by Latin because it was about university related subjects. It felt good to stretch my brain. The Lithuanians held back correcting us until we said when we were ready for them to give us the answers.

The first ad that we translated was about helping homeless animals, the second one was about a series of university degree programs, and the third was in full-on Lithuanian with far fewer Latin derivatives. It was about a project that offers financial assistance to students, who are either Lithuanian citizens or permanent residents of Lithuania and who have a certified disability that prevents them from performing at a 45% capacity of what is considered “normal”. We left the third piece midway for sake of lunch, which was especially tasty for cantine food.

In addition to the tasty food, the building of the SMK University of Applied Social Sciences was superbly modern, and it stands in positive stark contrast to the former soviet edifices of Vilnius. Natural light pours in from skylights and further energy conservation is noticeble throughout the building.

It simply felt good to be there.

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