Pest to Buda

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One-month vacation

Back in Budapest after four years

I have a month-long vacation that started after the Xmess party at my workplace on Friday. My body is letting go of stress and I feel like I am getting sick. It’s okay to let everything go at the moment, and I have no place to be for a while. It was nice to see a friendly, familiar face immediately at the gate upon arrival, and it was a nice way to start my unplanned thingamabob.

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I am staying with friends for the first three nights, and as planned will shift over to a place of my own in district II come Tuesday. I am currently on the Pest side in district XIX.

While I forgot to bring my spare Forint, I did manage to remember my library card for Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library. Will figure things out as I go along. For my next destinations, I have some leanings that I will disclose in another post.

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